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Stay and Explore: Benalla Silo Art Tour with Benson House & Lodge

Updated: May 19

Welcome to Benson House & Lodge: Your Gateway to the Benalla Silo Art Tour

Nestled in the heart of Benalla, Benson House & Lodge invites you to not just stay but embark on a captivating Tour through the town's vibrant Art scene.

One of the must-see attractions that we highly recommend during your stay is the renowned Benalla Silo Art Tour.

Ben House and Benson Lodge Accommodation Benalla
Benalla Silo Art Tour Attractions - Stay in Benalla

Unwind in Comfort Before Your Art Adventure

Begin your day at Benson House & Lodge, where comfort and convenience intertwine seamlessly. Our cozy holiday accommodations provide the perfect retreat, ensuring you are well-rested and ready for the artistic escapade that awaits.

Benalla Silo Art Tour: A Tapestry of Stories

Embark on an art-filled adventure with the Benalla Silo Art Tour, a unique outdoor gallery that breathes life into the town's stories. Marvel at the towering silos adorned with larger-than-life murals, each telling a tale deeply rooted in Benalla's rich history and culture.

Start Your Tour: Silo by Silo

As you step into the world of the Benalla Silo Art Tour, take your time exploring each silo, each stroke of paint revealing a narrative that speaks to the soul. From local legends to tales of resilience, the art on these silos transforms the town into an open-air canvas, waiting to be discovered.

Breathtaking Murals and Local Insight

Our central location allows you to easily access the silos and immerse yourself in the breathtaking murals. Engage with the art, and don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with locals – their stories and insights add an extra layer of depth to the visual narratives.

Capture the Moment: Share Your Experience

As you wander through the streets adorned with art, be sure to capture the moments that resonate with you. Share your experience on social media, and don't forget to tag Benson House & Lodge. We love hearing about our guests' adventures and the unique perspectives you bring to the Benalla Silo Art Tour.

A Relaxing Evening Back at Benson House & Lodge

After a day filled with art and exploration, return to the welcoming embrace of Benson House & Lodge. Relax in our comfortable lounges, share stories of your day, and perhaps plan your next adventure in Benalla.

Extend Your Stay: More to Explore

The Benalla Silo Art Tour is just the beginning of the wonders Benalla has to offer. Extend your stay with us, and delve into the local galleries, parks, and hidden gems that make this town a treasure trove for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Stay at Benson House & Lodge and book a Silo Art Tour Benalla
Silo Art Tour Benalla

Book Your Art Experience Getaway

Ready to experience the magic of the Benalla Silo Art Tour? Book your stay at Benson House & Lodge and let the art-filled journey begin. Immerse yourself in comfort, culture, and creativity as you explore the stories painted on Benalla's iconic silos.

Discover the beauty of Benalla – where every stay at Benson House & Lodge is a brushstroke in your own masterpiece of memories.


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